Pastor Star Funk

Jessica is fearless in communicating God’s love and delivering power that has transformed her life.  She wants other leaders, pastors and the church body to understand Gods message of hope and restoration for those involved in a homosexual lifestyle. She is also able to provide practical wisdom and tools to help those who have made the decision to turn from this lifestyle and become followers of Christ.


Pastor Eli Lara

Jessica Newsome is a great friend and woman of God that loves to serve others! I have seen Jessica grow in insight and wisdom. She has a passion to share God’s love to a lost generation! I am excited on Jessica Newsome’s new journey of purpose and believe she will be international voice of hope for Jesus Christ !


Pastor John & Terry Brady

Senior Pastors, The Family Church, McAllen, TX

As Jessica’s Pastor I have witnessed her miraculous life transformation. Her life message has the power to to speak to the troubled heart and breakdown barriers.


Pastor Kevin Ortiz

Senior Pastor, Faith Pleases God Church, Harlingen, TX

Jessica carries a passion that burns deeply and brightly for our Lord Jesus Christ, a passion that can change culture and save lives. I believe that God is using her to bring others out of condemnation and bondage and ushering them into the freedom and love of Jesus Christ. God has given her a message to the world that the blood of Jesus Christ can wash away all your sins, a message that He delivered her from a lifestyle of immorality. Faith Pleases God in Harlingen, Texas has had the pleasure of having Jessica Newsome minister to the congregation and youth. Please receive this as my recommendation as a minister of the gospel of Christ.