This book recounts my personal journey of God delivering me from homosexuality through the only thing that can break any stronghold—LOVE.  It parallels the supernatural and physical realms in my journey toward freedom, depicting the spiritual warfare that one encounters when breaking free from a stronghold. The book does not condemn the LGBTQ community, but instead loves without condition.  This authentic, urban, raw transparency of rape, sexual promiscuity, self-mutilation, demonic attacks, and self-hate exposes the common issues and experiences of many.

As a pastoral resource, this book gives practical applications for bridging the gap between the Church and LGBTQ community, it gives revelational understanding of how Jesus would react to the sin inside and outside of the church.  For the LGBTQ community, it is an unconventional love story bathed in the love Christ has for all who are in need of Him, sheds light on the confusion the enemy places upon us, and the patience God has with us as we walk out of the LGBTQ lifestyle.  This book is also for parents of LGBTQ children, giving them an understanding of the complexity of life of someone entangled in homosexuality, reminding them to have loving patience with the one lost in this lifestyle.

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